to b or not to b?

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Birkenstock casual street style

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So here’s the thing…I am a little torn about the latest love affair that the fashion world is having (yet again) with the humble classic Birkenstock. There are sooooo many things that make perfect sense (like the fact that they are like the most comfortable shoe on the planet) BUT I just can’t get over my images of backpacking days and the good old Birkenstocks on the (sock covered!) feet of millions of tourists! You must admit they aren’t the most stylish looking choice of footwear – they are clunky and masculine – but I am starting to fall in love with their dagginess and their sheer versatility! And then it really became a point of appeal (and serious purchase consideration) when my fave brand (bassike) just launched black & white versions into store to work back with their entire summer collection. Hmmmm I could be persuaded…to b or not to b????????

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image credits 1-6: camilleovertherainbow, bassike, pinterest, thefashionistyle, fashionmeno